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Madraset El Mahrousa (El Mahrousa School)

Program Summary:

A key component of Nahdet El Mahrousa’s (NM) Incubator of Early Stage Innovative Social Enterprises and its capacity building services, Madraset el Mahrousa is an innovative capacity building programme for high-potential social entrepreneurs with a focus on economic development in Egypt. It was launched by NM in June 2014 and is the first program of its kind in Egypt and the MENA region. Madraset el Mahrousa offers a comprehensive training and coaching programs to early-stage social and business entrepreneurs seeking to deploy social enterprise mechanisms.

Madraset El Mahrousa focuses on the following objectives:

·       Activating and Engaging young Egyptians across all sectors, and with diverse teams, to become active “social entrepreneurs” and to implement their social business ideas.

·       Formalizing a curriculum of trainings, mentorship sessions, and workshops relevant to and aligned with local challenges and opportunities.

·       The creation of a pool of expert trainers and coaches in the field of social entrepreneurship by conducting Trainings of Trainers.

·       Measuring the impact of trainings on the practical development of the social enterprises.


Madraset El Mahrousa is achieving the above mentioned objectives by:

·       Conducting needs assessments

·       Designing and delivering capacity building plans

·       Sourcing expert trainers, coaches, and mentors to help build the capacity of the social entrepreneur

·       Constantly evaluating the program and updating it to satisfy the needs of the social entrepreneur 

·       Building a bilingual resource center