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What We Do

| Enable an Ecosystem


NM aims to foster an environment that allows Egyptian social entrepreneurs to succeed in their fields. Our work aims to spread the message of social entrepreneurship far and wide, encourage collaboration, and provide an enabling ecosystem for social enterprises to operate freely and fairly. 



At NM, we believe an educated, informed, and motivated society is essential to community-led development. Core to NM's mission is educating the public on social entrepreneurship and community engagement. Our public events, particularly Salon El Mahrousa, foster a culture of free expression and idea creation, and aims to inspire the community to activate itself for Egypt’s future.


CONNECTING individuals

Our community of social entrepreneurs, experts, partners, investors, and the general Egyptian public connects through our platforms to meet, discuss, and collaborate. We hold both public and private events, aiming to foster a strong and connected community that supports the development of social entrepreneurship in Egypt.


SUPPORTING an environment for social entrepreneurship

NM provides space and support for social entrepreneurship to thrive in Egypt on a larger scale. Using our experience and expertise as a base, we advocate for a social enterprise infrastructure through policy research and recommendations. We also work with our social enterprises to develop success stories and share knowledge and lessons learned with one another.